India 2030 fund

The India 2030 Fund

The India 2030 fund is a highly active and concentrated fund with a bias to Mid and Small cap names, seeking to monetise India’s expected transition over the decade, by targeting 4-5 themes at reasonable valuations by participating early in their cycle

Investment Objectives

The Fund seeks to outperform its benchmark, the BSE 500 (Net) in AUD over rolling 7 year periods, with less volatility than the stated benchmark


Buy-Sell Spread 0.35% / 0.35%
Management Fees 1.25% p.a.
Performance Fees 15% of the excess return over the benchmark, with a high watermark
Latest Unit Price Download the Fund NAV Sheet
Valuation Frequency Monthly (Last business day of every month)
AUM $7.93 Million (March 2022)
Fund Inception Date 14 January 2022
Distribution Frequency Yearly at 30 June
Currency Australian Dollars
Benchmark BSE 500 in AU$
Fund Domicile Australia
Trustee Equity Trustees Limited
Fund Administrator Mainstream Fund Services Pty Ltd
Fund Auditor KPMG Australia

The India 2030 Fund is an unregistered scheme which can be subscribed to with an Information Memorandum

Fund Performance

AS OF 31ST MARCH, 2022

India 2030 Since Inception (p.a.)
Fund Returns(net) -8.79%
BSE 500 (AUD) -10.40%
*Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results and no person guarantees the performance of any India Avenue Investment Management (IAIM) financial product or service or the amount or timing of any investment return from it. There can be no assurance that an IAIM financial product or service will achieve any targeted returns, that asset allocations will be met or that an IAIM financial product or service will be able to implement its investment strategy and investment approach or achieve its investment objective
AS OF 31ST MARCH, 2022
  • Industrials (30%)
  • Information Technology (15%)
  • Materials (15%)
  • Real Estate (15%)
  • Financials (10%)
  • Health Care (10%)
  • Consumer Discretionary (5%)
  • Consumer Staples (0%)
  • Communication (0%)
  • Utilities (0%)
  • Energy (0%)
  • Cash (0%)

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