“We are a boutique investment management business focused on creating optimal investment solutions for investors by participating in the exciting growth opportunities presented by India’s capital markets”

Experienced Team:

Significant wealth of experience gained in Indian and global markets

Dual Domicile:

Domiciles in Australia & India take us closer to investors and investments

Local Investment Partners:

Partnering with “local experts” helps identify the best growth companies

Strong Partnerships:

India Avenue Investment Management is backed by a large family office and a cornerstone ultra high net-worth investor. In addition, we have built partnerships with reputable service providers such as Equity Trustees, Fund BPO, KPMG & BNP (India)

Our Business

We aim to provide optimal investment solutions for investors who seek to participate in growth opportunities available within India’s capital markets.

These solutions are constructed by application of India Avenue’s robust investment process, which aims to harness strong returns through the stock picking skills of our carefully selected local investment advisers in India. Our business provides investors with additional layers of due diligence, oversight and risk management. This ensures that the solution delivered not only seeks to achieve strong capital growth for investors, but is also cognisant of the need to manage risk.

Dedicated to Long-Term Excellence

At India Avenue Investment Management, investing in India is our sole focus. Our clients benefit from our experience and unique investment process.
Our results are driven by a long-term focus and based on applying fundamentally sound investment principles within India’s capital markets. We believe that by combining the strong stock selection skills of our carefully selected local investment advisers with India Avenue’s dynamic portfolio management, we are able to create optimal investment solutions for our clients.